Stress and overeating in females

Overstressed leading to over eating in females


In my experience women put so much time into caring for others, managing their own professional responsibilities and being pretty emotional (even if they claim they aren’t) they end up neglecting themselves on a daily basis.


Then the first excuse is that they don’t have the time or energy to train, or will power to stay away from that bottle of wine/ treats at the end of the day.


I’m not saying someone can give you more time, nor more will power… I’ve previously stated that will power isn’t resourceful.


But what you can do is spend less time stressing and more time being productive and address your relationship with food, so if you are stressed… your problems don’t end up at the bottom of a tub of ice-cream.


This applies to both men and women, but on average this will apply to more women.


Stress and anxiety / overeat / guilty about overeating / more stress and anxiety / punish yourself / starts juice diet / feel tired and stressed due to juice diet / overeat again.


Find the route of the problem…


It’s the same as a food intolerance test but with emotional arousal, i.e. instead of eating some eggs then gassing out the office, think what it is during your day that’s making you want to go to the fridge… monitor your emotions.


Here’s a few tips on how to narrow it down


  • Narrow down the last time you binged… what were you eating


  • Now think about these questions during that period


  • Where were you / what were you doing / what were you thinking / what was you feeling / who was with you


  • Now think about these questions a few hours prior to that binge


  • Were you at work / with family / on your own / what was you thinking


  • Now review the above questions…


  • Is there anything that stands out to you / are there any correlations or patterns / do you have any similar emotions


  • You might know the answer straight away


  • e. stay away from Sandra at work she’s a bitch


  • e. probably not the best idea to eat in the café at diner when the cakes are out (eat somewhere else)


  • e. are you looking forward to a bottle of wine at the end of the day (take up a hobbie, go for a walk, read a book… do anything to take the stimulus away)


If the solution doesn’t jump to you straight away, then take the next steps…


  • Find someone to be accountable for who really cares


  • Make yourself accountable to a programme that works


  • Focus on the strength you know you know you’ve already got, that way whatever you start doing you know you’ll be able to man some progression with it… i.e. used to cycle


  • Focus on something that makes you feel positive and hopeful throughout the process


  • Don’t try it alone, the one good thing about FAD diets is that they provide a lot of social support… without the proper coaching

Combine both

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