What is fibre?

Dietary fibre is a complex form of carbohydrate that gives plants their structure. There are two general categories, soluble fibres which are fermentable and can lower blood cholesterol and insoluble fibres that aid digestion. There are many kinds of fibre, and knowing them all individually won’t benefit you. 

Why is fibre so important? 

Common GI diseases such as colon cancer were due to lack of dietary fibre. Realistically those eating a standard western diet aren’t getting near their fibre targets, as refined sugars, oils and general products don’t contain fibre at all. 

What are the health complications of a low fibre diet? 

CVD diseases and high blood fats as fibre binds blood cholesterol/ fat, GI disorders such as poor bowel function, fibre helps the GI tract stay clean and ease constipation. 

Fibre and body fat? 

It decreases dietary bulk, then decreases energy density and reduces energy intake. Basically, fibre increases satiety, so eating lots while wanting to increase or maintain weight isn’t a good idea. 



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