De-load Week & Re-Feed Meals

Great infographic from Eric Helmes

Decreasing your intensity/ volume after a training block solely due to believing your body needs the rest is only shooting yourself in the foot, if your still full of energy, if you still gaining size, if your still lifting more and more then there is 0 reason to take a week off the gym, there is a very very small percentage of athletes in the world which train hard enough to warrant a week off training, e.g. triathletes, professional body builders, crossfit competitors who will push their bodies to the extreme.

Look at the graphic, if your struggling then slightly decrease volume, do not take a week off training just to sit on your sofa believing your recovery & going to come back stronger, when all your doing is delaying your results – understand that your body can withstand a tremendous amount of stress & adapt accordingly.

This is the same as having a re-feed meal every single weekend and genuinely believing that its going to aid your fat loss. No, again there are very rare occasions where you’ll get away with a “re-feed meal” or cheat meals at weekends, e.g. professional athletes who can almost eat anything they want just to hit their macronutrient requirements or physical/ body building competitors who are in that much of a deficit & a overtraining state they are beginning to get run down and switch over to energy saving mode where fat metabolism slows down.

THEN having a high kcal meal will spike insulin, increase serotonin, endorphins, dopamine, gherlin, which are mostly psychological hormones which spike a physiological response to extreme dieting & training.

Tip: TRACK your food, eat foods you like (obviously healthy) & always make your food interesting, if your eating food you like all the time then you’ll less inclined to want a cheat meal.



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