Coffee is by far the most consumed and most misunderstood drink going.


Unless you clinically cannot metabolize coffee very well, there’s no reason you should avoid it.


In fact, it offers a lot of health benefits which I’ll be listing below.


Why does coffee get a bad rep?


  • People vary in how well the can process caffeine, so the research is mixed.
  • Coffee does interact with neurotransmitters such as cortisol, acetylcholine and insulin… but again the effects are based on someone’s genetics, timing and amount consumed.


If you metabolize coffee slowly then you may experience jitters and feel off your bean for a few hours.


If you metabolize coffee quickly then you’ll feel a boost in energy for a few hours.


Research has shown that half of the population are classed as “slow” metabolizers and half known as “fast” metabolizers.


If you are classed as slow then you may want to reduce your consumption as it could lead to disrupted sleep, worse PMS symptoms, increased blood pressure or even non-fatal heart attacks.


Coffee and Cortisol?


  • Coffee increase cortisol levels, but it depends on factors such as time of consumption, how often and your blood pressure.
  • Cortisol is higher in a morning naturally so its better to drink coffee around this time, cortisol lowers in the afternoon/ evening so it might be better to switch to a substitute.


Coffee and Insulin?


  • High dose of caffeine tends to decrease insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance acutely; it doesn’t cause serious problems.
  • Coffee is associated with a 35% decreased risk of developing type II diabetes.


Coffee and Dehydration?


  • Recent studies have shown that high dosages of caffeine even at 550mg / day will not cause dehydration in athletes.
  • Another view found that as long as coffee wasn’t replacing other beverages at a less intake, there was no effect on hydration status.


Coffee and Performance?


  • Caffeine offers mental and physical performance benefits, no argument
  • Caffeine reduces rate of perceived exertion
  • Regular coffee drinkers have been found to perform better on tests of reaction time, verbal memory and spatial awareness.


Coffee & Antioxidants?


  • Coffee actually beats dark chocolate, green tea and other acclaimed foods for their antioxidant content.
  • Coffee is associated with overall decrease risk of cancer, particularly oral, breast, liver, colon and prostate.




  • Better athletic and mental performance
  • Possibly of lower rates of some types of cancer, type 2 diabetes and other known diseases
  • Possibly prevent premature mortality and CVD disease
  • DOSE MATTERS, find out if you are a slow and quick metabolizer by increasing caffeine amount over time
  • Always go black if you can, its usually what you add that causes the issue
  • Data suggests drinking 1-3 cups a day to maximise the health benefits but although decrease the risk.

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