All about G-Flux   Feature image from precision nutrition, not my own.   Energy can’t be created or destroyed, instead converted, from a physiological stand point we are always balancing energy out.   When we eat we consume calories, we expend this energy to sustain metabolic functions and our activity.   Energy in = food […]

Post-workout Nutrition

Post-workout Nutrition   Post workout nutrition seems to be a confusing topic for most people, ranging from:   Protein: people running to the changing rooms for a protein shake to get there “30-minute anabolic window)   Carbs: everyday gym goers thinking they need to smash 1000g high GI carbs post workout through coco pops / […]

Shoulder Injuries

So here’s my explanation of why you shouldn’t be a berk like me by ignoring shoulder pain, avoiding certain exercises and training through injury.   All this leads to is atrophy of the shoulder muscles and further instability. As a consequence, impingement will start to pop up regularly and you’ll notice a decrease in strength […]

Why everyone should Barbell Back Squat: Shear Forces vs Compressive Forces

Why everyone should back squat, why squatting isn’t bad for your knees: Shear Forces vs Compressive Forces   Squatting uses every single muscle in the body Squatting improves performance. Squatting improves physical fitness. Squatting improves mobility to perform everyday tasks.   Firstly, I’m talking about FULL squats, not this knee bend ego bullshit. Full Squats […]

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