What is fibre? Dietary fibre is a complex form of carbohydrate that gives plants their structure. There are two general categories, soluble fibres which are fermentable and can lower blood cholesterol and insoluble fibres that aid digestion. There are many kinds of fibre, and knowing them all individually won’t benefit you.  Why is fibre so […]

Building Muscle

Muscle growth (hypertrophy) is the development of mass, density, shape and function of muscle cells to adapt to exercise-induced stress. ______________________________________________________ There are two types; sarcoplasmic hypertrophy which increases the volume of fluid in the cell and myofibrillar hypertrophy which increases muscle size. I.e. bodybuilders often appear sarcoplasmic whereas a weightlifter would be myofibrillar. ______________________________________________________ […]

“I’ve got a damaged metabolism”

“I’ve got a damaged metabolism”   No, you haven’t.   “But I’m doing more steps and eating clean”   Right…   “It’s got to be all the FAD diets I’ve done over the years”   No, it’s not.   “But my PT said…”   They were talking shit.   I’ve written about what adaptive thermogenesis is […]

Stress and overeating in females

Overstressed leading to over eating in females   In my experience women put so much time into caring for others, managing their own professional responsibilities and being pretty emotional (even if they claim they aren’t) they end up neglecting themselves on a daily basis.   Then the first excuse is that they don’t have the […]


What are calories?   The approx. amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree at a pressure of one atmosphere.   Kcal is known as the food calorie, its equal to 1000 small calories.   Protein: 4 kcal/g Carbohydrates: 4kcal/g Fat: 9kcal/g   Carbohydrates are to be […]

Immunology & Exercise

In the last 2 weeks I’ve had a lot of clients telling me they are ill, then telling me they are going to the gym to “work it off”. – Before doing this, ask yourself this question: – Am I really ill? or have I just got the sniffles and a cough every few hours? […]

Understanding metabolism by Callum Molyneux

Metabolism By: Callum Molyneux Understanding metabolism Each and every person has a different rate of metabolism, there are times during the day when our metabolic rate is high and times when it is low, but what in fact does this mean for us and our bodies?  Metabolism is the word given to describe every chemical […]

Antioxidants by Callum Molyneux

Why we need Antioxidants     Throughout our lives our bodies are exposed to almost constant varying amounts of damaging molecule known as free-radicals. Free-radicals are highly charged/ unstable molecules that can subsequently cause damage to surrounding molecules in their environment such as our bodies cells.   Antioxidants work by balancing out the free-radicals we’re exposed […]

Is getting shredded really worth it?

Why I couldn’t care less about getting under 10% body fat for a competition or photo-shoot again.   I’ll be talking about my own experiences and summarising points from my favourite article “the cost of getting lean” by precision nutrition.   Everyone wants to look like that guy/ girl on Instagram, I know I have […]


Coffee   Coffee is by far the most consumed and most misunderstood drink going.   Unless you clinically cannot metabolize coffee very well, there’s no reason you should avoid it.   In fact, it offers a lot of health benefits which I’ll be listing below.   Why does coffee get a bad rep?   People […]

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