Clinical Consistency / Train Hard or Train Smart

The thing that’s wrong with this industry is that there’s too many options for people.   You’ll get started on one programme until you see someone doing something different then you’ll scrap your original plan to follow there’s, then while following there’s you’ll read something in a health magazine which conflicts everything your doing so […]

“I’ll start in January”

The reason behind writing quick blog was because i’ve had x3 people enquire into online coaching in the last week and all three of them asked if it would be better to start in January. Why? Telling yourself that your going to start in January is basically allowing yourself binge & slack off over the […]

Food is more than just fuel

Humans aren’t machines, food is not fuel, your stomach isn’t a combustion engine. The human body is organic, sensitive, dynamic and very complicated. If you’ve ever spent any time working out calorie calculations, you’ll understand how frustrating it is to work out inputs and outputs precisely. What happens when a person is eating more carbs, […]

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