Nutrition & Gut Health

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), leaky gut (LG), celiac disease, food sensitive’s, bacterial imbalances. Terms which are often thrown around without actually understanding the real meaning or cause. A heavy gut relies on… Some balanced intestinal bacteria, an intact gut lining as this replaces itself every 3-7 days & a healthy immune […]

De-load Week & Re-Feed Meals

Great infographic from Eric Helmes Decreasing your intensity/ volume after a training block solely due to believing your body needs the rest is only shooting yourself in the foot, if your still full of energy, if you still gaining size, if your still lifting more and more then there is 0 reason to take a […]

White Potato vs Sweet Potato?

A nutritional review to settle the battle of the potatoes (lol) and fight the corner of the carbohydrate consumer crew. The popularity of the sweet potato has grown vastly in the last decade, almost achieving celebrity “super food” recognition amongst gym fanatics and instagram health gurus. Unfortunately for those people, research has shown that BOTH […]

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